mr gé's graphic novels :

between black and white and colors,

an adventure combining graphic design and poetry.



The chance of their lives brought Nadjim & Marina together. maybe already too old children or too young adults they will try to fight in their quest for the best.

"la cendre des villes" (The ashes of cities) are a bit the history of the doors that are opened or closed and the keys that we do or not own.

the 94 plates of the graphic novel were produced between August 2021 and October 2022. It is illustrated for 70% in B&W, it allowed me to highlight some light in contrast with the story. Whether in this part or for the one in colors different common techniques were used: strokes in bic or ink of china, engravings, a lot of collages to structure the drawings and a filling made in watercolor, pastels or acrylic ink.

Created between December 2019 July 2020 «castles made of sand» is a project that seeks to create bridges between drawing, poetry/music and cinema, the initial idea is based on the narrative logic of a song by Jimi Hendrix. «Castles made of sand» it's 3 very short verses for 3 different stories; like fables, they all have the same structure and especially very steep falls with a recurring morality around dreams that suddenly disappear in front of reality.

One could compare this idea to the design of a short film: a story taken from an eluded ensemble, little developed characters, it is the poetry and the strength of the texts and illustrations that encourage the imagination of the reader.