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video from a radio Podcast

some of the 5 originals i played for exhibition november the 17th

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exhibition to come, those are the 17 wide ones

octobre 2023

5 thematics paintings for "the aerialists" new LP

those 5 ones made with watercolor and indian ink will be the art coverfor my new LP "the aereialists" currently being ended / mixed

octobre 2023

"the dream thing" commercial video

one of the "mr gé se reprend" track, that one was written and first recorded in 2014

i decided to make an original video with some drawings of mine

octobre 2023

"mr gé se reprend 2000/2014" new double LP

the idea of taking back these tracks had been in my head for a really long time,

the opportunity to finally spend time listening to all these old recordings, 166 tracks cumulated over the period, to select some to re-record them.

new painting & video :"l'esplanade du Corum en jaune" (Montpellier)

10 février 2023

i really enjoyed spending time to create that one & kinda proud of it by the end ;)

feather painted with indian ink ; yellow color with acrilyc ink more or less diluted, applied with a thin brush